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Cal Water Activates Stage I of Its Drought Management Plan; Asks Customers to Reduce Water Usage by 10%

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 5, 2008--California Water Service Company (Cal Water) (NYSE:CWT) announced today that it has activated Stage I of its Drought Management Plan for its 24 operating districts and encouraged the two million people it serves throughout the state of California to reduce their water usage by 10%.

"We have been actively encouraging customers to conserve water for some time, and in fact will be implementing tiered rates in most of our service areas on July 1 that will reward conservation efforts. But this marks the first time since the last official drought that we've asked them to achieve a specific conservation target," said Paul G. Ekstrom, Cal Water's Vice President of Customer Service.

According to Ekstrom, Cal Water's public awareness programs include participation in Disney's "Environmentality" program, which includes classroom curriculum and radio messages throughout the state, as well as local efforts in each of its 24 districts. In May, the company hosted hundreds of customers at Water Awareness Festivals.

Cal Water also offers low-water-using fixtures and rebates to customers consistent with the California Urban Water Conservation Council's Best Management Practices.

"We support the Governor's effort to raise awareness about the importance of using water efficiently and investing in infrastructure to ensure adequate water supplies for future generations," Ekstrom said.

California Water Service Company (Cal Water) serves approximately two million people through 462,000 service connections ranging from Chico in the north to Palos Verdes in the south. The company has provided water utility services since 1926. Additional information for customers is available at

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