Press Release

Cal Water Converts Last Flat-Rate Customer to Metered Water Service Ahead of Schedule to Encourage Customers to Conserve

CHICO, Calif. — California Water Service Company (Cal Water) has installed the last of 10,930 meters, converting all flat-rate water accounts in Chico and Hamilton City to metered accounts well ahead of schedule.

State law requires all water providers to convert flat-rate water customers to metered services by 2025, but with support of the California Public Utilities Commission, Cal Water completed the project 11 years before the government-imposed deadline.

According to Chico Acting District Manager Pete Bonacich, the meters are expected to encourage water conservation and contribute to the community’s efforts to reduce per capita daily water consumption by 20% by 2020, as required by state law.

To get a better understanding of the actual water savings that meters would bring, Cal Water partnered with the San Jose State University Research Foundation. In May, the foundation issued a report entitled, “Residential Water Demand Analysis Due to Meter Installations,” that identified a long-term savings of 91 gallons per day per household in Chico due to metering.

“We believe that customers can better monitor their water usage and control their bills when they have meters, and we have already seen a decrease in water use due to the conversions,” Bonacich said. “Between the savings from the metering and our robust conservation programs, we are prepared to comply with state requirements.”

Cal Water serves about 97,300 people through 28,100 service connections in Chico and Hamilton City. The company has provided water service in the area since 1926. Additional information may be obtained online at