Press Release

Cal Water Installs New Zone Interconnection and Pressure Reducing Station on Westlake District

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — California Water Service Company (Cal Water) announced today that it has completed the installation of a pressure reducing station and connected two zones of the water system together to improve water pressure and reliability for 300 homes in the Hidden Canyon community. The new station improves water pressure by taking higher pressure water from another part of the water system and supplementing the Hidden Canyon supply, which has historically experienced low pressures during periods of high demand. It also increases fire flow capability and reliability. The project took nearly 10 months to complete and cost $150,000.

"When we noticed that there was a drop in water pressure during peak hours, we quickly started working on developing a long-term and affordable solution so our customers did not have to experience inconsistencies in water pressure,” said Cal Water District Manager Doug Varney. “This new station will give the Hidden Canyon community more reliable pressure and will help us better serve our customers for years to come."

Cal Water serves about 19,400 people through 7,000 service connections in Westlake Village and part of Thousand Oaks. The company has provided water service in the area since 1983. Additional information may be obtained online at